"Believing in your birth"

Amy Townsend

Certified Doula, Monitrice, Student Midwife, Herbalist
for Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

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Birth Services

I believe that every woman has the right to the birth that she wants, whether this is with an epidural in a hospital with an OB, to the woman who wants a natural labor at home with a midwife. I am dedicated to helping you and your family prepare for the birth of your child through education and providing another continual support system.

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Herbal Goods

I trust the fact that families can take control of their own health, holistically. I offer classes in how to use herbs, can act as your herbal consultant, and handcraft herbal products with your family in mind.

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My Blog

Sharing my knowledge to add to your holisitc living resources. I am called to share my knowledge with everyone. I want to help your family flourish.

"Amy knew what I needed even if I didn't know. I was supported, comforted and loved… and now I know, that is exactly what I needed!"

- Client Testimonial

"Her support for you does not begin at the time you begin labor, it begins the minute you talk to her, she befriends people so easily and is so honestly concerned about them."

- Client Testimonial